Chinese New Year

1st February 2022 is Chinese New Year. We held a cultural workshop to experience different new year activity.

We made dumplings and tried our own dumplings, we wrote Chinese calligraphy and did traditional papercutting.

Chinese Kite Making Workshop

Last week in Summer 1, we were very lucky to have 2 visitors from University of Nottingham to come to our school and conducted a kite making workshop for both of our Year 3 classes. We learned the origins of kites and had the chance to make one in class.

End of term

It’s nearing the end of Summer 1, we’ve worked hard this half term and produced some fabulous work… I think we are all now in need of a nice restful week and back to school soon feeling recharged and ready for… our last half term in Year 3!!

Here are some pictures of some of our best bits from the past couple of weeks: making crowns to role play the Queen to help us in writing our Non chronological reports for the Jubilee, kite making in Mandarin culture and using compasses to navigate around a giant map of the UK on the playground.

Summer term

We have had a wonderful start to the summer term. We’re very much enjoying the sunshine and the chance to get outside for more outdoor learning.

Our writing topic has been the BFG which everyone has loved and has resulted in excellent writing, both a character description of the giant and now a set of instructions on how to catch a dream.

Here are some photos showing some of the best bits from the term so far including water colours inspired by Hindu beliefs in reincarnation, making a wormery, weaving with fabric and conducting research on our local area.

Spring Two so far…

Good evening! I am hoping this blog pose reaches you all as I know there have been some problems in recent weeks with access to certain blogs.

We’ve had a great start to this half term, with many enjoyable lessons. In Maths we have been exploring perimeter, using drama in RE to understand the story and John the Baptist, creating incredible mind maps of the creepy first setting in writing and producing our own weather reports for tropical rainforest areas in Geography.

Here are some pictures from the last week or two…

House Teams Challenge

On Friday, we added an element of competition to our weekly Commando Joe lessons. We worked in our House Teams to complete a range of team building tasks. We were looking not only at which team could be the fastest but who was showing good teamwork, helping their friends, being supportive and encouraging.

All the teams did an amazing job and worked really hard on communication and collaboration; the winning team was….Challenger!!

So far this half term…

We have had a nice, calm start to the year after the excitement of the Christmas period! In writing, we have had a wonderful time writing hilarious retellings of Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion. The children have blown me away with their ideas and creativity- easily the best writing we have produced this year.

In maths, we are having lots of practical lessons to help us consolidate us our understanding of multiplication and division. The children are doing really well and are able to multiply two digits by one digit.

Here are a mixture are best pictures from the first week back.

Open Day and more!

We have had another great couple of weeks in year 3, with lots of engaging and challenging learning happening across the curriculum.

Thank you to all the parents/ carers and other family who made it to our Open Day. For those who were unable to make it, there are some pictures below.

Our topic in Science this half term has been forces and the children have conducted some fun and interesting experiments. This week, we used magnets to make a compass and then went on a hunt around the playground. Despite some challenging wind, they all did an amazing job!

Welcome Back!

We had a great first half week back, with the children settling into our new class well. There are plenty of changes moving into KS2 but everyone is coping brilliantly and adapting to our new environment.

We had a fantastic start to this week with some great activities. In Geography, we used plasticine to make models of the Earth (if you cut them open you can see all the layers, hopefully all the children can remember their correct names!) In Writing, we have been role-playing different members of Shackleton’s crew on his expedition to the Antarctic. Finally, this afternoon we started our sessions with Commando Joe, beginning by getting into shape for our upcoming challenges.

Looking forward to another great week.

Mrs Lefevre